L&E Six Part Webinar Series

6 Steps to Perfect Qual - Step 2: Qualitative Recruitment

April 11, 2018

In order to provide true insight, researchers need to guarantee the best possible participants. But for this guarantee, there are some guidelines, and several firm rules, that must be carefully considered. 

Our second webinar in our "Six Steps to Perfect Qual" webinar series will guide you through the best methods to get the best people on your qualitative project. Ask questions and get actionable next steps to lead your clients to true insight. 

In this webinar you will uncover the best practices for qualitative recruitment:

  • Critical steps and valuable tips in getting the right respondents
  • Leading techniques taking advantage of new (and old) resources
  • Leveraging the best technology in recruitment software
  • Support for recruiting even the rarest hard-to-find people for quality insight

Event Details

  • Guest Speakers: 
    • Teressa Johnson, Director, Sensory Science & Technical Support, The Wendy's Company
    • Heather Hall, Vice President of Project Management, Illumination Research
    • Brett Watkins, President/CEO, L&E Research

About Teressa Johnson

TJ.jpgTeressa has been with Wendy’s for many years and will celebrate her 30th anniversary in October 2018.  She held a variety of administrative positions before joining the Research and Development department in 2003 to initiate the company’s Sensory Science program.  She moved up the ranks from sensory tech to her current position as director.

On any given week, she and her team conduct at least two sensory or consumer research studies at the Dublin headquarters, using both Wendy’s employees (typically 64 participants) and general consumers (typically 80+ participants).  They may be testing a completely new product, a new vendor or a small change in preparation or procedure for a core menu item.  In addition, her team partners operate at a sensory sites in Dallas & Atlanta, allowing the brand to test products in different parts of the country, providing a national representative sampling of consumers. 

In addition, Teressa & team are responsible for Idea Screening, In-Market & National Testing via Buyer Reaction Studies and Wendy’s Product Testing Consumer Program.

Teressa attended The Ohio State University, and was trained in sensory science while working at Wendy’s.  Following a year of intensive study, Teressa was certified by the University of California – U.C. Davis in the area of Applied Sensory & Consumer Science in 2012.

Teressa and her husband have adopted three children, utilizing Wendy’s employee adoption benefits.  She and her family have appeared at Wendy’s franchise meetings to promote adoption, and she actively supports the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

A Family Portrait – The Johnson’s Adoption Story. 



About Heather Hall


Heather is the Vice President of Project Management at Illumination Research and has been with the company since 2008. She manages a team of Project Directors which includes training, development and ensuring excellence in all phases of research initiative, from design through report delivery. As a key member of the leadership team, she provides insight into project logistics, client service and business landscape. 





About Brett Watkins

Brett_Small.jpgBrett is the President and CEO of L&E Research, a rapidly expanding qualitative market research firm with offices in Charlotte, Cincinnati, Columbus, Minneapolis, Raleigh, St. Louis and Tampa. L&E's mission is to connect ourselves and our clients with the community, enabling us to give back to the community in a continuing win/win situation.

Through its investments in its communities, its people, and its technology, L&E delivers what it is most passionate about:   great recruiting for great research.

Through Brett's leadership, L&E has received numerous awards both locally in his Raleigh community, and nationally, including being ranked #752 on the 2014 Inc. 5000 list.  Married 18 years to his wife Belinda; they have two "fur babies" in dogs Maggie and Riggo.  When he's not at work, he's enjoying his middling golf game, his love for great food and wine, and just about anything that is sports related.